9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Piano Mover

9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Piano Mover

Moving a piano isn’t easy. Besides moving a house, it’s probably the toughest moving job there is. Pianos are heavy, costly, and cumbersome. They can also be quite fragile. Adorned with intricate woodwork and containing delicate internal mechanisms, a piano needs to be moved with care and caution—and with the skill of a specialist.

Hiring a professional piano mover is essential if you want the job done right. Sure, you could do it yourself. Sure, you could hire a regular moving company. You could. But is it worth the risk?

We say no. The fact is: When moving a piano, you need a professional piano moving company. Don’t settle for any old moving company. You need a specialist with plenty of piano-moving experience. Why? Here are 9 reasons to hire a professional piano mover.

1. Pianos Are Heavy

Pianos can weigh anywhere from 400 to over 1000 pounds. For comparison’s sake, your average refrigerator tops out at just 300 lbs, give or take. Pianos are one of the heaviest pieces of furniture a person can have, making it extremely difficult for someone to move on their own. Even upright pianos—which are typically smaller than horizontal pianos—can weigh as much as 800 pounds. If you think you can lift your piano out of your house with a couple of friends, think again.

2. Pianos Are Bulky

The problem with pianos isn’t just the weight. It’s also the size. Tall, wide, and often oblong, they’re a nightmare to move if you don’t know what you’re doing. Worse still if you have to pass through tight, confined spaces like hallways or staircases.

A professional piano mover will have the tools and equipment to move pianos through such spaces safely. At Inner City Moving & Storage, we use a range of safety equipment to move all types of pianos. For upright pianos, we use a piano dolly to secure the piano and load it up safely toward its destination. For grand and baby grand pianos, we use a piano skid board and thick coverings to keep your most prized possession safe. By using professional harnesses and safety equipment, we’re able to move every piano without the risk of damage—even if it’s through a tightly confined space.

3. Pianos Are Costly

A piano is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture you can own. They don’t come cheap. Even an upright piano can cost upwards of several thousand dollars—and a baby grand can be triple that.

Hiring a professional moving company will help you protect that costly investment. Why risk damaging your piano when you can spend a little bit more to keep it safe and secure? Your future self will thank you.

4. Less Stress, Fewer Risks

Moving’s stressful enough, even without a piano in the mix. Hiring a professional can make the whole job easier. It can ensure your items are protected and that the move will go smoothly, giving you the complete peace of mind you want.

Here at Inner City Moving & Storage, we work closely with our clients to make their moves as stress-free as possible. We follow rigorous safety protocols to mitigate risk and manage the job with ease and efficiency. We practice particular caution with pianos, making sure we transport them with the utmost caution. Consistently, our clients mention how our safety standards make them feel more comfortable and less stressed. It’s just that extra level of care and concern that makes a professional piano moving company such a worthwhile investment.

5. Prevents Damage

Hiring a professional piano mover can prevent your piano from being damaged. Using all the tools and safety equipment at their disposal, piano movers can get a piano out of tight spots without scratching or denting it.

Pianos may be sturdy, but as acoustic instruments, they are susceptible to damage—particular so from impact trauma. Don’t let a bad bump ruin your piano. Keep it safe and secure with a pro piano mover.

6. Prevents Injuries

Damaging an object is one thing, but injuring someone is something else. Unfortunately, piano-moving injuries are more common than you’d think. An untrained mover can easily strain their back and sustain a long-term injury. If the piano has to go down four or more steps, the risks only multiply. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to leave it to the professionals—especially when stairs are involved.

7. Protected by Insurance

One of the best reasons to hire a professional moving company is because they’re insured. Piano moving companies will have insurance specifically to cover piano damage, ensuring that—worst-case scenario—you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you move a piano yourself, you’re liable for any damage inflicted. A professional company can give you an extra layer of protection so you don’t have to worry. You can feel at ease knowing your piano is in safe hands and covered by insurance.

8. Saves Time

Let’s face it. Moving is a time-consuming chore that no one ever has enough to do on their own without feeling stressed. Hiring a professional moving company can save you time so you can get on with your busy schedule and that’s even more true when you add a piano to the mix. Rather than spending hours finding a dolly, buying piano covers, fastening the piano, and taking countless measurements, you can hire someone else to do it for you. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy more time doing the things that really matter.

Looking for a Professional Piano Mover? Inner City Moving & Storage Has You Covered

Inner City Moving & Storage is a professional moving company that specializes in piano moving. Serving the Greater Toronto area for over 25 years, we’ve made a name as a trusted team of movers committed to customer satisfaction. If you’re in the Toronto area and you need to move a piano, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. Request a quote, or call us at (416) 656-8924 today to schedule a consultation.

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